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Feminist Power Station With Feminist Library

Cover image from Women of Europe magazine, Feminist Library archive

Photo: Minna Haukka

Explore and challenge notions of power: what it looks like, who has it, how we use it and how to reclaim it

Join the Feminist Library in a collaborative space exploring power through creativity. This will be informed by their collection of literature, political writings and artwork and brought to life through knowledge sharing, discussion, activism, visual expression, and music.

We will run our ever-popular embroidery, zine, badge, and bunting making workshops. These provide welcoming spaces for a free exchange of thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Both the Feminist Library’s Spanish and English language book clubs will be exploring texts around the theme of power. Club de Lectura en Español and Herstories will be reading The Power by Naomi Alderman.

Talks and workshops

  • Author Lola Olufemi, will be running a workshop on neoliberalism and the effects of ‘structural’ power on the lives of young women
  • Sina Sujatha Schawache will guide participants through poetry writing
  • Artist Minna Pöllänen will give a talk and workshop on the female gaze
  • Rose Sinclair will invite participants to deconstruct power relations in contemporary Britain
  • Exploring archival material from ‘Women Power’ ICA exhibition
  • Katarzina Perlak will run a collective embroidery workshop
  • Shelf Collective will return with another craft workshop
  • The Feminist Library Running Club will explore our preconceptions around what makes a powerful body
  • Eva Megias will offer a "Feminist Parliament" workshop

Guests, Collaborators, and Performers: Brixton Black Cultural Archive, Latin American Women’s Aid, Artist Harriet Hill, Women’s Environmental Network, Migration Collective, Ladies Do Comics, The Sisters of the Drum and Melonie Syrett, Women in Jazz.

Photo from demonstration, Astra Blaug

Photo from demonstration, Astra Blaug

Poster made in Feminist Library workshop

Poster made in Feminist Library workshop

About the Feminist Library

The Feminist Library is a large collection of Women's Liberation Movement literature based in London. We have been supporting research, activist and community projects since 1975. In 2020, The Feminist Library will celebrate 45 years of archiving and activism. Totally volunteer run, we have created and looked after one of the most important collections of feminist material in all of the UK, and provided an inspiring learning and social space for thousands of people.

Tate Modern

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23–26 April 2020

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