Tate Modern Workshop

The Give & Take with Tim Etchells

© Tim Etchells 2015
Explore the idea of exchange through an unruly series of presentations, conversations and instructions

Artist Tim Etchells creates four projects that animate and explore the give and take of money and magic, labour, love, friendship and the ephemeral.

Ten Purposes are a set of instructions distributed on cards for the public to pick up and activate in Tate, private and not-so-private performances which respond to the collection.

Further Provocations is an ongoing performance manifested by Andrew Stevenson, in which a series of texts are endlessly painted, painted out and then repainted on the longest wall in Tate Exchange.

The Give & Take Talks invites a great list of speakers to make presentations and dialogues each day, all focused on some approach to or experience of ‘exchange’. With talks about economic systems, intercultural exchange, exchange between humans and animals, exchange between family members, friendship, exchange with landscape. 

Three Tables is a long interactive performance in which three performers exchange stories and have other interactions with the public on topics ranging from work and money, love, friendship and ephemeral things. 

About Tim Etchells

Born in 1962, Tim Etchells lives in London and Sheffield. An artist and writer whose work spans many forms and contexts, he is best known as the leader of the world-renowned performance group Forced Entertainment.

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Tate Modern

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28 September – 2 October 2016

Past Events

  • Tate Modern

    The Give & Take: With Tim Etchells

    28 Sep 2016, 29 Sep 2016, 30 Sep – 1 Oct 2016, 2 Oct 2016
    Drop in and explore the give and take – between art as well as between people
  • Tate Modern

    Three Tables: With Tim Etchells

    29 Sep 2016, 30 Sep – 1 Oct 2016, 2 Oct 2016

    Drop in and share stories of work, money, barter, love, family and language

  • Tate Modern

    Further Provocations: With Tim Etchells

    28 Sep 2016, 29 Sep 2016, 30 Sep 2016, 1 Oct 2016, 2 Oct 2016

    Get involved in a series of provocations on the theme of exchange

  • Tate Modern

    Ten Purposes: By Tim Etchells

    28 Sep – 18 Dec 2016

    Collect a set of instructions that encourage you to experience the galleries in new and different ways