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The Give & Take With Tim Etchells

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Drop in and explore the give and take – between art as well as between people

Artist Tim Etchells curates five days of discussions, mini-lectures, panels, and presentations,from a variety of speakers and backgrounds, related to the theme of exchange.

The Give & Take line-up

Thursday 29 September

14.00    Edna Weale, Retired conference interpreter and Jen Calleja, Literary translator

14.45    Laura Godfrey Isaacs, Artist and midwife and Anna Lyons, End of life doula

15.30    Kami Saedi, Retired psychiatrist and Matt Blacker, Mentoring Project manager, Hope for the Young

16.15    Sarah Sparkes, Artist and lecturer        

17.00    Susan Steed, Co-founder, The Brixton Pound and Tom Hockenhull, Curator: Modern Money, The British Museum

17.45    End   

Friday 30 September

16.00    Tim Etchells, Artist       

16.45    Paolo Viscardi, Curator: Grant Museum of Zoology and Luke Harding, Herpetologist

17.30    Grace Gelder, Photographer and Aphra Lucesa Smith, Medical student    

18.15    Diana Damian Martin, Mary Paterson and Maddy Costa, Department of Feminist Conversations

19.00    Oliver Lang, Mobile photographer and social media consultant              

19.45    End  

 Saturday 1 October

16.00    Reni Eddo-Lodge, Journalist and writer                        

16.45    Augusto Corrieri (aka Vincent Gambini), Performance artist and magician                       

17.30    Sanderson Jones, Co-founder, Sunday Assembly and Chloe Dyson, Co-director and Tom Mansfield, Co-founder, League of Pragmatic Optimists

18.15    Fiona Gabbert, Professor of Applied Psychology          

19.00    Matt Locke, Founder, Storythings                     

19.45    End      

Sunday 2 October

14.00    Pedro Machado, Co-artistic director, Candoco Dance Company and Performers (BSL interpreted)

14.45    Graeme Miller, Artist and theatre maker 

15.30    David Easton, Investor in Africa and South Asia, CDC Group and Faiza Shaheen, Director, Class, Centre for Labour and Social Studies         

16.15    Lara Pawson, Writer and author, Audrey Brown, Journalist and Vânia Gala, Choreographer and researcher

17.00    Sue Maclaine and Nadia Nadarajah, Theatre-makers and performers (BSL interpreted)

17.45    End

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28 September 2016 at 17.00–19.00

29 September 2016 at 14.00–17.45

30 September – 1 October 2016 at 16.00–19.45

2 October 2016 at 14.00–17.45