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KIMA: Noise With Analema Group

KIMA ‘The Wheel’ at the Curtain Call, Roundhouse, London 2016

KIMA ‘The Wheel’ at the Curtain Call, Roundhouse, London 2016

How do urban noises affect our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing?

Arts collective Analema Group invite you to explore the effect of urban noise on our wellbeing. Join in a programme of workshops and talks alongside an immersive sound installation created in collaboration with Better Bankside, local residents and researchers in the field of noise pollution.

KIMA: Noise invites you to experience the ‘ocean of urban sounds’ surrounding you daily. Microphone stations will capture sounds from Tate Modern’s direct urban environment and recreate them as an immersive surround sound installation within Tate Exchange. Real-time city noises will be analysed and arranged as an immersive 3-dimensional, invisible sound sculpture.

Envision creative ways of dealing with noise in your own life through active listening and participation. Learn about the history of noise in art, the effects of noise on our physical body and mental states. And discuss your own experiences with noise in a workshop and in two talks, bringing together local residents and communities with experts on the effect of noise on health.

About Analema Group

Analema Group is a London based Arts collective, founded by its artistic director Evgenia Emets in 2010. The members of the collective are artists Alain Renaud, Oliver Gingrich and David Negrao. Evgenia Emets is an artist, who creates installation and participatory performance work on the intersection of visual language, sound and poetry. Dr. Alain Renaud specialises in sound installations and sound design. Dr. Oliver Gingrich is an artist and researcher, working in the realm of visual technologies and media art. David Negrao is an artist, visual developer and creative coder. Analema Group creates experiences on the intersection between art and technology, with a mission to reflect on the nature of perception, exploring the relationships between sound, colour, light, movement and form. Analema Group’s participatory art fills the gap between performers and audiences, enabling them to question their senses and the boundaries of perception.

Tate Modern

Tate Exchange

Blavatnik Building, Level 5

London SE1 9TG
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20–24 November 2019

Wednesday, 20 November

16.00-17.30 - Noise and Wellbeing? KIMA: Noise Opening Talk with Lisa Lavia (Noise Abatement Society), Stephen Stansfeld (QMUL), Evgenia Emets & Dr Alain Renaud (Analema Group), Ben Fenech (Public Health England)

Friday, 22 November

18.30-21.00 - Participatory opening event

Saturday, 23 November

15.00-16.30 - Urban Noise and Communities talk with Stephen Stansfeld (QMUL), Evgenia Emets & Oliver Gingrich (Analema Group), Dr. Sarah Payne, and others

Sunday, 24 November

12.00-14.00 - Local community workshop

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