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KIMA: Noise With Analema Group

KIMA ‘The Wheel’ at the Curtain Call, Roundhouse, London 2016

Can noise pollution in our community have an effect on our wellbeing?

Arts collective Analema Group invite you to explore the effect of urban noise on our wellbeing. Join in a programme of workshops and talks alongside an immersive sound installation created in collaboration with Better Bankside, local residents and researchers in the field of noise pollution.

About Analema Group

Analema Group is an arts collective creating experiences on the intersection between art and technology. THeir work reflects on the nature of perception, exploring the relationships between sound, colour, light, movement and form, using participatory art to fill the gap between performers and audiences, enabling them to question their senses and the boundaries of perception.

Tate Modern

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20–24 November 2019