Tate Modern Workshop

Making Moves With London Connected Learning Centre

Pupils presenting digital collages created with London Connected Learning Centre

London Connected Learning Centre

Explore the relationship between natural and manufactured movement in a series of open activities

London CLC will be working with primary school pupils from across London to create and capture different kinds of movement. Using a range of tools, join us and explore the relationship between physical and digital movement.

Activities will include: digital sound manipulation, robot programming, animation, film and puppetry. We will encourage participants to investigate their own powers of movement, both physical and digital, in relation to questions such as: What does it mean to give something movement? What is the impact of giving something movement? Can we use the movement of our bodies to produce an output? How can physical and digital/virtual movement intersect?

About London Connected Learning Centre

London Connected Learning Centre (CLC), part of Education Development Trust, helps schools and other settings use digital technologies to improve learning. The term Connected Learning describes our approach and activities. We make links between learning at school and at home, we involve children and young people in using digital technologies to create, experiment, design and explore, we foster collaboration between teachers, students and parents and we work in partnership with businesses, community and cultural organisations.

Tate Modern

Tate Exchange

Blavatnik Building, Level 5

London SE1 9TG
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2 April 2019 at 13.15–16.00

3 April 2019 at 12.00–14.45