Tate Modern Workshop

The Museum of Things That Don't Stand Still

at Tate Exchange 2018 University of Westminster

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Join in as we transform the museum from a place of static objects to things that can be re-used, reclaimed, reworked and reimagined

Spread Your Wings

14-17 May

Join us to transform raw materials into something meaningful that can take flight –metaphorically and transformatively. Take a place in our bird tunnel where we will create a fantastical aviary. Or make a feather to add to our giant wings so we can soar, while reflecting on human limitations and the migration of birds.

Where Does You Mind Take You?

14-17 May

Create your footprints by using collages to show how you can break boundaries and move without limitation. Ask yourself: Where is your most memorable place? Where are you now? If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Design a pair of footprints and that might march over the walls or floor of Tate Exchange.

Waterloo Lives

14-17 May

We have been collecting the memories from Waterloo and North Lambeth residents which we have embedded into a map. We would like you join us to trace our streets to explore the personal histories located in them. You can make postcards to hang on our clothes-line of local narratives, and share your own stories of the area or placed-based memories from elsewhere.

The Globe

14-17 May

Explore how ideas move around by adding to our installation of individually constructed spinning globes, representing the way that cultural knowledge and positivity does not stand still. We invite you to exchange your message for someone else’s in a constant flow between strangers.

Shoes to Superpowers

15-17 May

If your footwear had special powers what would they be? Transform our stash of old shoes into things that can remake the universe, go places and do tantalising things.

She Hears

16 May 12.30 & 4pm

‘She Hears’ is a storytelling event recalling from Sheherazade, who told a tale to save her life for one thousand and one Arabian nights … Join us for two events where we share true stories that speak to what it means to be human 'She Hears: Circle' a story party in a quiet space, and 'She Hears: Nomad’ where we take the story party out into the galleries.

Planet B - A Mission To Mars

17 May 2pm

Are you constantly concerned about global warming, political uncertainty and the same old ideas about being human? Forget about all those worries and join us immersive workshop where we will explore the emotional implications of a prospective displacement into a backup planet.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with these groups to bring this event to life: Creative Minds [Wings and Shoes]; Core Arts [Globe]; Waterloo Heritage Society [Waterloo Lives]; and She Performs [She Hears].

MA Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture, is a leading museum studies course at the University of Westminster. We welcome all enquiries.

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