Tate Modern Workshop

Latin Elephant at Tate Exchange

Join Latin Elephant for two days of workshops and films on democracy, neighbourhood, and campaigning

Wednesay 24 October

12.00-18.00 - David McEwen, 'Fictions of Regeneration'

Regeneration schemes throughout London are rapidly transforming the city. Often, these schemes threaten valued community spaces - homes, businesses, markets, public space - to make way for luxury residential flats or retail units. This event will reflect on this spatial transformation through the example of Elephant & Castle, exploring the rich past and present histories of the area, particularly for the local migrant community. Through collage-making, create new fictional spaces for Elephant & Castle to imagine a new vision for the area, one that challenges the current vision of regeneration.

14.30 - Conversation with Latin Elephant

Join Latin Elephant activists alongside traders from Elephant & Castle for a discussion on the participation, engagement and inclusion of Migrant and Ethnic groups in processes of urban change in London, in particular Latin Americans.

Thursday 25 October

12.00-18.00 - Thinking and Acting on Your Barrio

Both days

Un-Earthing Elephant (2017)
Collaboration between Eva Sajovic, Sarah Butler and Rebecca Davies, with the support of the Arts Council England

Winner of the prestigious Research in Film Award by AHRC, the film aims to document, celebrate and advocate for the unique space that is Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre. Written and filmed throughout 2014-2017, the film weaves the imagined voice of the Shopping Centre itself together with the voices and opinions of traders, customers, local residents and academics. Although many people say the centre was a failure from the day it opened, it has nonetheless fostered many small immigrant businesses as well as a genuine sense of community. The film offers a timely and important insight into the everyday realities of a much loved building and walks the line between art, research and advocacy.

London's Latin Quarter (2015)
Latin Elephant and Silvia Rothlisberger

This documentary tells the story of London's largest Latin American community in Elephant and Castle, an area currently facing regeneration initiatives heralded as one of Europe´s most expensive regenerations. The documentary explores hoy the regeneration is affecting the Latin American community and highlights the history and importance of this community for the area and for other Latin Americans in London. Hear testimonies from retailers and see the vibrant life that Latin Americans have brought to the are through their food, music, dances and culture.

These events have been organised by Tate Neighbour Latin Elephant, a charity that promotes alternative and innovative ways of engaging and incorporating migrant and ethnic groups in processes of urban change in London.

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24 October 2018 at 12.00–18.00

25 October 2018 at 12.00–18.00