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Lunchtime Chat with Our Neighbours

Tate Neighbours at Tate Exchange

Tate Neighbours at Tate Exchange

Grab some lunch and drop-in to explore ideas for neighbourly action at Tate Exchange

The Tate Neighbours have invited a variety of speakers to lead informal discussions based on short texts that have inspired them to engage with the lives of their neighbours and to commit to neighbourly action.

Bring your lunch, drop in, and join in these informal conversations.

Thursday 11th October
Ismail Einashe - Tate Neighbour, writer and journalist
Text: It comes as no shock that the powerful hate ‘identity politics’ by Gary Younge

Friday 12th October
Carole Wright - Tate Neighbour, Events Manager, Community Gardener, Beekeeper, Urban Orchardist

Saturday 13th October
Patria Roman - Researcher and Latin Elephant founder. On activism, organisations and campaigns.

Tuesday 16th October
Janine Francois - arts educator, critical thinker and agitator
Text: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-45784222
Connections will be made to the Black supplementary schools movement.

Wednesday 17th October
Lieta Vivaldi - sociologist, researcher and Latin Elephant activist
Giulia Zanini - anthropologist, researcher and Latin Elephant activist
Text: Migrant women are being scared away from NHS because the Home Office is taking data from patient records

Friday 19th October
Eva Sajovic – Tate Neighbour, artist/ photographer
Text: Mierle Laderman Ukeles' Manifesto for Maintenance Art (1969)

14.00-17.00 - Community Gardens (Walk)
Carole Wright - Tate Neighbour, Events Manager, Community Gardener, Beekeeper, Urban Orchardist
Come and explore pocket parks and housing estate food growing spaces nestled between greenwalls and greenroofs. On the way, Carole will share stories about historic social campaigners Octavia Hill and George Peabody.

Saturday 20th October
14.00-17.00 - Black Presence in Green Spaces (Walk)

Carole Wright - Tate Neighbour, Events Manager, Community Gardener, Beekeeper, Urban Orchardist
Walk to Green spaces in SE1 which have significance to the Black Diaspora. On the way, Carole will lead a discussion about the barriers that exist for Black and POC feeling a sense of belonging in nature and being employed in environmental charities.

Tuesday 23rd October
Shango Baku - playwright, director, journalist and activist
Text: "It is important to highlight the role of the Rastafarian Movement in the development and coordination of the March. For it is they who steadfastly maintained the call for Reparations and Repatriation even when they were not such popular topics. We must never forget that it is the Rastafarian Movement that has been and continues to be at the vanguard of this fight."
Africa Reparations Movement, 10th annual conference for REPARATIONS NOW sponsored by Global African Congress Tuesday 23rd Mosiah (August) 2016

Wednesday 24th October
Nina Alonso and India Rose – artists, activists and founders of Yellow Projects

Thursday 25th October
Feminist Library – Tate Neighbour, collection of Women's Liberation Movement literature, a space for socialising and learning

Friday 26th October
Michael Groce - poet, community worker and former criminal

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