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Power of Materials: Coffee With MA Designer Maker, UAL

Explosive (Power of Materials)

Image by Alina Kosendiuk, Esmond Sit Bo Sheng, Teeradech Panyasak, Lee Hsiu-Chi

Take a journey to discover the power of coffee, from production to consumption

What do you see in a cup of coffee?

MA Designer Maker students from the University of the Arts London invite you to a weekend exploring one of the world’s most popular drinks, and the power dynamics hidden behind it. Collaborate on a participatory installation designed to unravel the world of coffee, bridging the disconnect between coffee producers and consumers to create awareness around the ethical concerns within coffee production in today’s society.

Who is in power? Who holds the power to create change? Consumers? Retailers? Legislators? Dialogue on solutions have often stagnated around choices and behaviour. In light of the current social and ecological crises, the illusion of infinite consumption must be challenged. Industrial operations and global economic activity impact the environment on a macro scale long before an individual makes a purchase. Explore these questions and more over two days.

About MA Designer Maker

MA Designer Maker, part of the Material and Spatial Practices Programme at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, aims to take the lead in re-asserting the position of craft and making in the contexts of contemporary design discourse, society, and humanity.

Tate Modern

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15–16 February 2020

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