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Project Phakama Youth Forum With Queen Mary University of London

Project Phakama, Photo Nurull Islam

Drop in for discussions and workshops exploring how spaces for participation and creativity can be produced

Project Phakama is a participatory arts organisation that specialises in developing work with young people locally and internationally. Our aim is to bring together young people and diverse communities, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to connect, and provide a platform from which to express, grow and perform

For this event, Phakama’s Youth Board and other youth organisations explore how process-driven work can produce spaces for participation. Through discussion panels and practical workshops led by the young creatives, the forum focuses on the perspectives of young people.

Cultural organisations, artists, creative industry professionals, university students and staff, and the public are invited to join us, to explore youth-led and accessible creative practice.

This event is programmed by Queen Mary University London, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About Queen Mary University London

QMUL is a global university which is committed, through its recruitment, teaching, and public engagement activities, to enhancing the lives of the people of east London and beyond. Our collaborative projects with community organisations focus on building resilience, inviting reflection on shared challenges, and encouraging community cohesion in one of the most diverse areas of the UK. QMUL has a long history of working with arts and culture to benefit local communities and address complex global challenges. The People’s Palace, opened by Queen Victoria in 1887, was originally a community venue where people of the East End could enjoy dance classes, organ recitals, donkey shows and art exhibitions, as well as gain skills in what are now known as the ‘creative industries’ – tailor’s cutting, woodwork, photography, and needlework. Today, QMUL continues to harness the radical power of art to change the world. Our arts and cultural activities embody QMUL’s values of diversity, inclusion, and community engagement.

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Date & Time

5 May 2018 at 12.00–16.00