Tate Modern Workshop

re:Generation With Flourishing Lives

Photo: Claremont Project

Join us and explore the power of connecting generations and widening social inclusion through art

Drop in for an intergenerational exchange of ideas, knowledge and inspiration. Our four-day programme will span the visual arts, workshops, dance, discussion, photography, physical theatre, music, pottery and collaborative installation. Explore the revitalising role that art can play in older people's mental health and wellbeing and share fresh perspectives on ageing and being old.

Ageing is something that we all experience, whether young or old. re:GENERATION offers an interactive space for us to reflect and express what growing older means to us, across all age groups, and celebrates the immense contribution that older people make to both art and society.

This event is programmed by Flourishing Lives, a Tate Exchange Associate.

re:GENERATION Photo: Claremont Project

re:GENERATION Photo: Claremont Project

About Flourishing Lives

Flourishing Lives is a coalition of arts, health and wellbeing organisations taking a creative and aspirational approach to supporting richer, more independent lives for people over the age of 55. We combat social isolation amongst older people by promoting community, expression and engagement through the arts. Our aim is to change the public discourse around ageing by fostering an intergenerational exchange of ideas, knowledge and inspiration and celebrating the immense contribution that older people make to both art and society. Flourishing Lives is kindly supported by City Bridge Trust.

Tate Modern

Tate Exchange

Blavatnik Building, Level 5

London SE1 9TG
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15 May 2018 at 12.00–17.00

16 May 2018 at 12.00–17.00

17 May 2018 at 12.00–17.00

18 May 2018 at 12.00–17.00

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