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Represent! With Stance Podcast

Chrystal Genesis and Heta Fell. Photo: Grace Gelder

Join Stance in celebrating the disruptive power of Women in Art

As part of Uniqlo Tate Lates, Stance Podcast have selected a potent and energetic evening of workshops, live art production, talks and performance to celebrate the diverse and powerful contribution of women in art. The programme will include a live Stance podcast recording chaired by Stance and friends, showcasing cultural innovators producing more representative narratives.

    This event is programmed by Stance Podcast, a Tate Exchange Associate.

    This event is part of Uniqlo Tate Lates, see the full programme here.

    Guerilla Girls-inspired Lino Printing Workshop with artist Ruby Wright

    18.30-19.30 and 20.00-21.00

    Create a miniature lino print inspired by Guerrilla Girls. Working with artist Ruby Wright, you will make a two-coloured lino print. At the end of the session you can take one of your prints home and leave another to form part of a larger protest banner representing the voices, desires and demands of participants.

    Sessions are drop in, and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    British Muslim Women Drawing Sessions with Buki Kekeré

    18.15-19.15 Nimat, 19.20-20.20 Rhianna, 20.30-21.30 Zeena

    A series of drawing workshops of Muslim Women led and facilitated by artist Buki Kekeré, to reclaim the nuanced narratives of Muslim women growing up in Britain. As a Black Muslim, Buki uses her work as a catalyst to spark discussions. Discussions to understand why the female body is seen controversial, political and sexualised. Whilst exploring these issues, she also encourages women to reclaim their body and who they are as a person.

    Sessions are drop in, and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    The Renaissance Selfie - CAMGIRLS Studio

    Take a selfie in Sessa Omoregie’s CAMGIRLS Studio which explores the use of selfies as art via iconic renaissance paintings. Images will form part of Sessa’s ongoing CAMGIRLS research project.

    CAMGIRLS is a research-based project exploring selfies as art and body image in digital environments. The project is open for interaction with all women, gender queer and non-binary people to create, discuss and experiment with self-portrayal. Advocating for sex workers rights and women's rights in digital spaces and beyond; CAMGIRLS believes that everyone has the right to express themselves and their sexuality without harassment and ridicule online.

    Long Lane Long Nails

    Explore the neighbourhood of Borough through the eyes of Jagoda, a local resident with a taste for awesome nails. Using double exposure photography Jagoda layers the backdrop of her neighbourhood over nail-based self-portraits and discusses her family and Romany Traveller heritage.

    The video project, produced by photographer & educator Grace Gelder mixes collaborative portraits of Jagoda and her family members with text, image and audio. The work aims to show another perspective on Bankside and the surroundings, through personal stories and vibrant photography while challenging existing stereotypes about Roma women and girls.

    Stance x Dollis Dolls Nails Bar

    Get your nails done at our Stance x Dollis Dolls Nail Bar managed by young women from Art Against Knives 'In Our Hands' Programme. IN OUR HANDS was created by a group of young women from Dollis Valley estate in Barnet in 2012. They suggested running a nail bar that would ‘put Dollis Valley estate on the map for something positive, not just negative things like stabbings’. 5 years later they’ve done just that, the In Our Hands programme has gone onto support over 500 young women.

    Appointments are drop in, and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    A Tribute: Performance by Men Are Trash Collective

    19.50-20.10, 20.20-20.40, and 20.50-21.30 in the Southwark Room

    Hear arts collective, Men are Trash, present an interdisciplinary group performance using poetry and monologue to explore the art and lives of women artists who were personally impacted by trash men. The performance celebrates the resilience of women, from Nina Simone and Oum Kalthoum to Amrita Sher-Gil and Frida Kahlo, despite pervasive patriarchal forces. The project is led by nine women artists, all alumni of the Barbican Young Poets Programme.

    Stance x Clove Magazine Live Podcast Recording - Represent! Who Do You Speak For?

    18.30-19.30, Southwark Room

    There has been a recent surge of publishing ventures - from literary festivals, to specialist publishing houses to independent magazines - seeking to promote the voices of minority groups, as well as diversity initiatives from publishers themselves. Yet many writers from minority backgrounds find themselves being disproportionately expected to deal with their cultural backgrounds in their work - often expected to act as a spokesperson for an often complex and diverse group simply because of their ethnicity or social group. The freedom to tackle any subject, without framing it in terms of one's minority culture, is often not available to such artists. In this discussion, Syima Aslam, the director of Bradford Literature Festival; Ayisha Malik, author of (2016) novel Sofia Khan is Not Obliged; and Debika Ray, founder and editor-in-chief of South Asian cultural magazine Clove talk to Stance about the tension between these two positions – is it an inevitability or simply a step in the road towards a more inclusive publishing landscape. And is it a reality that should be embraced or resisted?

    'Too Ugly For Words'

    Sit with artist Miss Pokeno at her ‘Too Ugly for Words’ table.

    “In 2013, I started burning all the sexist words I’d ever been called into an old oak library table. The ones that made me feel ugly.Then in the spirit of 1970s feminist consciousness raising, I invited other women to come sit at the table drink tea or gin tell their stories and burn their words too. I’m almost out of space but the women with their words still keep coming. It started out strictly personal then it got political and now it's a public communal table.” - Miss Pokeno

    Stance Podcast Listening Station

    Listen to Stance Podcast. Stance is an arts, culture and current affairs podcast, exploring diverse, global perspectives.


    Stance’s Programme at Tate Exchange will be soundtracked by DJs DJ Beejoux (Soho Radio) from 18.30-19.30, Emily Dust (Worldwide FM) from 19.30-20.30, and Zezi Ifore (NTS) from 20.30-21.30.

    About Stance Podcast

    Stance Podcast, named in Guardian’s ‘Best Podcasts 2017’, explores diverse, global perspectives in arts, culture and current affairs. It is a monthly transatlantic conversation between journalists Chrystal Genesis in London and Heta Fell in San Francisco. Stance aims to inform, entertain and inspire action. Guests so far have ranged from award-winning documentary filmmakers, directors and actors, avant-garde artists, musicians, authors, politicians, virtual reality experts, world-renowned activists, philosophers and more. #StancePodcast @StancePodcast

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    23 February 2018 at 18.00–22.00

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