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Ways of Seeing Art With Shape Arts

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How do we see and describe art? Investigate audio description and create your own artworks alongside blind and partially sighted artists

How do you 'see' art? How do we describe art to others? Audio description is the verbal communication of visual elements of artworks for blind and partially sighted people.

Over four days within Tate Exchange, Shape Arts investigates audio description and invites you to join us in exploring how visual information is relevant to us all. Think about art in a new light: drop in to our temporary display, explore the powerful work and create your own audio description.

Lead artist Zoe Partington creates viscerally-powerful audio visual and tactile representations of disabled people’s journeys and experiences through spaces. Predominately working as a creative consultant and trainer in the cultural sector, she works in museums and galleries to develop their skills and experience in meeting the needs of disabled visitors.

Programmed workshops:

Drop in to a workshop and explore art making and visual description with invited artists:

Paint with Rachel Gadsden and explore ways of looking Describe with Aaron McPeake and collaborate to create a collective audio description of art objects Draw with Sally Booth – experiment with drawing and try out your descriptive skills

This event is programmed by Shape Arts, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About Shape Arts

Shape Arts provides opportunities and support for disabled artists and cultural organisations to build a more inclusive and representative cultural sector.

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