Tate Modern Workshop

20:20 Curating in Public with Salusbury World and Partners

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Join us for a workshop where young people and families come together with artists and designers to talk about the importance of archives

Salusbury World is a truly unique and visionary school-based refugee charity in North West London, which over the past twenty years has supported refugee children and their families.

Salusbury World is about to embark on the co-production of an archive telling the stories of the early years of this school. This workshop will bring together some of these young people and families together with artists, designers and policymakers to explore the impact of the service and the potential architecture of an archive built upon multi-layered oral histories, visual artefacts and other intergenerational and cross-sector memorabilia. It is delivered with the project partners at London College of Communication and its students.

This event is part of Who Are We?, a cross-platform event designed and curated for Tate Exchange (Tate Modern) by Counterpoints Arts and The Open University, reflecting on identity, belonging, migration and citizenship. The programme is shaped by co-creation, co-production and exchange among artists, arts and culture organisations, audiences, activists and academics.

Tate Modern

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Date & Time

22 May 2019 at 12.00–18.00