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Who are ya? Exploring art, identity and football

Prunella Clough, colour photograph of footballs and brightly coloured plastic balls piled up in a wire frame (1990s)

Grab your boots and kit as Tate Exchange explores the relationship between art, football and identity

Shooting straight out of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France and heading into the next season, Tate Exchange and collaborating artists and groups are tackling preconceptions about art and football.

We will be exploring the beautiful game through the lens of artists, creators and community leaders as Tate Exchange transforms into a Sunday league pitch, bringing the cultural worlds of art and football together for a tense comparative match deservedly of a place at Wembley.

Pitch-side, join us to design your own kit, with artist Jessie McLaughlin; learn about the impact of stadium-led regeneration with Tottenham’s Trojan Horse group; celebrate a memorable goal by turning yourself into a ‘jumping jack’ fan wearing your teams colours with artist Rosie McGin and OOF. On the pitch, drop-in for a kick about, have a go at alternative forms of football and get a coaching lesson from the budding young players of Athenlay FC.

In the stands, join in the week-long series of talks and debates. Do you know the impact of the new White Hart Lane on the local community? How have the political battles on the terraces moved to the online gaming forums? What is the relationship between football Casuals culture and British art? As well as a screening of films Bend it Like Beckham and Brown Queers, followed by a talk with artists involved.

On Sunday, join us for, and join in, a day of Three-sided football (3SF) with the New Cross Irregulars and Deptford Three-Sided League. 3SF, devised by Asger Jorn, sees three teams playing on a hexagonal pitch attempting to cooperate and work together to beat the other two teams. The winner is the team that concedes the least goals. For more information on the game, visit Deptford Three-Sided league.

Send in a picture of you celebrating in your team’s colours to became part of our crowd of football supporters to

If you would like to join the Tate Exchange 3SF games, sign up by emailing Individuals and teams welcome.

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6–11 August 2019