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Mona Lisa Looking Back

Toshio Matsumoto Mona Lisa 1973, video still

Toshio Matsumoto For My Damaged Right Eye 1968, film still

Mako Idemitsu At Any Place 2 1975, film still

Showcasing pop through the lens of graphic designers, animators and media artists, this programme shines a light on the sounds and sights of daily life and society. Artists reflect on modern iconography, commodities and celebrity from Kiyoshi Awazu film Abe Sada on the infamous Japanese media sensation to Mako Idemitsu's portrait of contents of a pot noodle, from Tadanori Yokoo’s pop animation of 1960s cultural icons and Yoji Kuri enigmatic film Pop. Works by Fujiko Nakaya and Toshio Matsumoto respond to the 1974 exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the most popular exhibition ever held at the Tokyo National Museum. The screening will conclude with the first fully expanded presentation of Toshio Matsumoto three screen film For the Damaged Right Eye presented with configuration of strobe lights for first time outside of Japan.


Tadanori Yokoo Anthology No.1 / アンソロジーNo.1 Japan 1964, 16mm, colour, 7 min

Yoji Kuri Pop / ポップ 1974, 16mm, b&w, 3 min

Mako Idemitsu At Any Place 2 Japan 1975, 16mm, colour, 3 min

Kiyoshi Awazu Abe Sada / 阿部定 Japan 1969, 16mm transferred to video, b&w, 23 min

Fujiko Nakaya Mona Lisa’s Queue Japan 1974, video, b&w, 15 min

Toshio Matsumoto Mona Lisa / モナ・リザ Japan 1973, 16mm, colour, 3 min

Toshio Matsumoto For the Damaged Right Eye / つぶれかかった右眼のために Japan 1968, 16mm, multiple projection, b&w, colour, sound, 12 min

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24 January 2016 at 16.00–18.00

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