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Tunga Xifópagas Capilares Entre Nós (Capillary Xiphopagus among us)

image of two young twin girls attached to each other by their long hair

Tunga, Xifópagas Capilares entre Nós (Capillary Xiphopagus among Us) 1984. 
Photo by Wilton Montenegro 1987. Courtesy the photographer and Instituto Tunga

Unexpected and other-worldly, discover Tunga’s legendary performance featuring twins connected by their hair

Brazilian artist Tunga created enigmatic and surreal artworks that drew from archaeology, mythology, philosophy, psychology and literature. His signature performance work, Xifópagas Capilares entre Nós (Capillary Xiphopagus among Us) will be staged for the first time at Tate Modern across a series of weekends.

The performance features twin adolescent girls who unexpectedly appear in the galleries to create an environment that blurs the line between reality and fiction. Tunga first staged Xifópagas Capilares entre Nós in 1984. It is based upon a myth of conjoined Nordic girls whose existence causes conflict in a village. Finding inspiration in this uncanny image, he went on to stage the performance throughout his career.

Tunga’s large lead sculpture Braid [Trança] and his writing referencing the conjoined twins is on display on Level 4 of the Boiler House.

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This performance is supported by Tate Patrons, Catherine Petitgas, and Tate Americas Foundation courtesy of the Latin American Acquisitions Committee, Estrellita Brodsky and Juan Yarur Torres.

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20–22 July 2018

27–29 July 2018

3–5 August 2018

10–12 August 2018

The performances will take place in various galleries, unannounced and at irregular times throughout the day

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