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William Klein: Mr. Freedom William Klein, France 1969, 100 min, English and French with English subtitles, Source: ARTE

Described by Klein as ‘a three-penny, science-fiction slapstick opera,’ this vitriolic political satire thinly disguised as a comic-book superhero caper is for Jonathan Rosenbaum ‘conceivably the most anti-American movie ever made, but only an American [...] could have made it.’ The titular hero (John Abbey), aided by his sexy sidekick Marie-Madeleine (Delphine Seyrig), is on a mission to save France from the evil forces of May '68 and the communist threats embodied by Soviet villain Moujik Man (Phillipe Noiret) and Red China Man – a massive inflatable dragon. The absurd, over-the-top narrative and cartoony visuals are reminiscent of Zazie dans le Métro (see above); in fact, both films refer to a reality that is stranger than fiction. The highly original, strikingly colourful costumes and props were designed and handmade by Klein and his wife on a shoestring budget, and Serge Gainsbourg, author of the soundtrack, also makes a cameo appearance. 

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18 January 2013 at 19.00–21.00

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