Tate Modern Exhibition

Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017

Inkjet print photograph of a fly sitting on half opened seafood including lobster and crabs

Wolfgang Tillmans Astro Crusto, A, 2012 

© Wolfgang Tillmans

From intimate still-lifes and portraits, to images that address vital political issues, explore the photographs of this groundbreaking artist

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What are we to make of the world in which we find ourselves today?  Contemporary artist Wolfgang Tillmans offers plenty of food for thought.

This is Wolfgang Tillmans’s first ever exhibition at Tate Modern and brings together works in an exciting variety of media – photographs, of course, but also video, digital slide projections, publications, curatorial projects and recorded music – all staged by the artist in characteristically innovative style.

The year 2003 is the exhibition’s point of departure, representing for Tillmans the moment the world changed, with the invasion of Iraq and anti-war demonstrations. The social and political form a rich vein throughout the artist’s work.

Alongside portraiture, landscape and intimate still lifes, Tillmans pushes the boundaries of the photographic form in abstract artworks that range from the sculptural to the immersive. 

German-born, international in outlook and exhibited around the world, Tillmans spent many years in the UK and is currently based in Berlin. In 2000, he was the first photographer and first non-British artist to receive the Turner Prize.

Tillmans also takes over the south Tank for ten days with an immersive new installation featuring his work in music and video, interspersed with live events in which Tillmans and his collaborators will explore the capabilities of the sound system and the acoustic qualities of the space.

Tate Modern

London SE1 9TG
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15 February – 11 June 2017

Live Programme, The Tanks: 3 – 12 March 2017

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Audio realisation in the Playback Room provided by Bowers & Wilkins

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