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The 8-14's Studio Colour

Jordan Anderson, Tate Photography 2018. The 8-14’s Studio, Early Years and Families, Tate Modern. Image © Tate Photography

Create a shared artwork using themes, ideas and materials inspired by an artist’s way of working

This monthly event invites you to work alongside artists to explore creative ideas and materials. Each artist creates their studio inspired by the way they make art.

You don’t have to be an artist to join in. Just come along and join in.

Sessions run from 12.00 – 14.00 or 15.00 – 17.00.


The 8-14’s Studio: COLOUR

Visiting Artist: marikiscrycrycry

Artist marikiscrycrycry brings their studio to Tate Modern. Get inspired by their work and the architecture of the Turbine Hall. Join marikiscrycrycry to explore colour, using props, to make new relationships with artworks, the Gallery and each other.


marikiscrycrycry is an artist that works with choreography. They draw on black and queer culture to explore things like race, gender, society, the body, freedom and choice.

We encourage young people to explore art and ideas to take ownership of the gallery.

Photograph of an 8-14s workshop event at Tate Modern

Tanya Boykinara 2018.

The 8-14’s Studio, Early Years and Families, Tate Modern

Image © Tate Photography

Tate Modern

Please meet at the Clore Studio, Boiler House, Level 0. Sessions will move into the Turbine Hall

London SE1 9TG
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18 August 2018 at 12.00–14.00

18 August 2018 at 15.00–17.00

15 September 2018 at 12.00–14.00

15 September 2018 at 15.00–17.00

20 October 2018 at 12.00–14.00

20 October 2018 at 15.00–17.00

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