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You Are Welcome

Artist Sarah Carne at "You Are Welcome"

"You Are Welcome" at Tate Exchange

How can art make a difference to society?

Tell us what you think at You Are Welcome, devised by artist Sarah Carne.

From 18th May to 11th June at Tate Exchange we’re inviting you to share your stories and ideas through writing, drawing, talking and making. Display your stories throughout Tate Exchange and find out about other visitors’ experiences and ideas as they get added over the month.

Listen to someone’s story at the Sound Wall, make something that shows us how you might change society, watch a film reflecting on some of the ideas that have been raised at Tate Exchange, relax in the reading corner with a cup of tea, add a sticker to tell us more and take away a badge to give to a friend or stranger, but most importantly: share your views and experiences with us.

You are Welcome is open to all, on the floor and online.

Do you have a story about when art changed your life? Share it below, then visit us in-gallery or on @TateExchange to see more stories of how art can make a difference.

Has art ever changed your life?

Can you tell us a story about a time when art made a difference in your life?

How has art made a difference in your life? Tell us your story.

Thank you for sharing!

Keep an eye out at Tate Exchange and on #TateExchange to see if your story has been shared, and for other stories about art changing lives.

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18 May – 11 June 2017