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Film For Friday: Performance at Tate St Ives

Florence Peake in Shudder Judder performance at Tate St Ives

Join us in this series of films with themes from the art work on display

January’s Film For Friday features two films documenting performances commissioned by Tate St Ives and performed in the galleries in 2018.

Judder Shudder 2018, Jonathan Baldock and Florence Peake

Artists Jonathan Baldock and Florence Peake created Judder Shudder for Late at Tate in April 2018, film by Alban Roinard. The event began with a solo performance by Florence Peake in the Virginia Woolf exhibition. Peake’s quivering movements set off a ripple effect in the galleries where costume and sculpture by Jonathan Baldock became animated through performance and sound.

Jonathan Baldock is a British artist with a multidisciplinary practice including sculpture, painting and performance. He is the first recipient of the Freelands Lomax Ceramics fellowship at Camden Arts Centre and was artist in residence at Porthmeor Studios from October to December 2018.

Florence Peake is a London-based artist who has been making work since 1995. Her performance practice uses drawing, painting and sculpture combined with found and fabricated objects placed in relation to the moving body. Her work has been presented internationally and across the UK.

Why Would We Not Be Angry? 2018, Tate Collective and Isabel Lima

A film created with and featuring Tate Collective Producers in reaction to Nashashibi / Skaer’s film Why Are You Angry? 2017, part of the exhibition Nashashibi/Skaer: Thinking Through Other Artists. Tate Collective Producers explored three key words; objectification, vulnerability and power, through a series of workshops working with artist Isabel Lima and Assistant Learning Curator Liz Howell. This film features 6 young women, 6 objects created by them and 6 moments of ‘fighting back’. Tate Collective invites you to consider the power dynamic of the artist and the subject, the observer and the observed.

Tate Collective Producers are a group of young people aged 15-25, who meet regularly at Tate St Ives to work alongside artists, create art, devise workshops and run social events at the gallery as part of Tate Collective.

'Film For Friday' at Tate St Ives offers visitors additional perspectives and information on the exhibitions in the gallery, through ideas, documentary footage and related themes. If you have suggestions for films, please contact us.

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