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BMW Tate Live celebrated performance and live art, bringing the innovative genre to the forefront of Tate

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Tate Modern continued to showcase live art and performance in ambitious ways, working with BMW to celebrate pioneering artists and their role in art history. The BMW Tate Live Exhibition in particular allowed us to position this kind of ephemeral and experiential work right at the heart of our exhibition programme. Each year it provided a unique alternative to the traditional gallery-going experience – unfolding over time, changing every day and night, and introducing a host of cutting-edge artists to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Frances Morris
Director, Tate Modern

BMW partnered with Tate from 2012 to 2020 to support BMW Tate Live, a programme of live and performance art that brought this innovative artistic genre to the heart of the museum. The partnership celebrated Tate and BMW’s shared commitment to innovation and our positions at the forefront of our industries.

Originally consisting of the Performance Room series (the first performance arts programme commissioned solely for the online space), the partnership evolved to also include site specific performance events, seeing a vast range of live experiences presented at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. BMW Tate Live was also an integral part of the opening programme for the Blavatnik Building in 2016, emphasising the importance of performance and live art in the museum of the future.

From 2017 the programme became the annual BMW Tate Live Exhibition at Tate Modern, placing live and performance art at the core of Tate’s exhibition programme. Tate is incredibly proud to have partnered with BMW to bring ground-breaking performance to the forefront of audience experience and bring together installation, performance, film, music and dance at the heart of Tate Modern.

BMW Tate Live reached audiences in over 90 countries, worked with 40 artists and 11 major arts institutions. BMW Tate Live became a recognised programme across the live performance art network worldwide and was commended for its innovation by being awarded a prestigious Webby Award for live event webcast.

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