Solarcentury: Tate Modern Solar Power System

This partnership provided a solar PV system for the roof of the Natalie Bell Building, with Solarcentury supporting sustainability initiatives at Tate Modern

Solar PV system on tate Modern's boiler house

Solarcentury PV system at Tate Modern


Tate Modern generates a portion of its electricity by solar power following the installation of a solar system on the roof of the building in September 2015, generously supported by Solarcentury. Solarcentury has a very long track-record of delivering challenging and innovative urban solar solutions, so brought a wealth of engineering expertise and a highly skilled project management team for the solar project.

“Becoming a corporate partner of Tate and marking it by installing solar is a perfect opportunity for Solarcentury to bring clean energy to the art world. Electrifying this former power station with its own clean energy system also reflects the global shift currently underway towards cleaner energy sources. It’s encouraging that we’re seeing a wave of solar spreading through London as recognition grows for the benefits of solar, still the most popular clean technology among the British public.”

Frans van den Huevel, CEO at Solarcentury

“For Tate Modern, Solarcentury’s panels will be another small but important step in making the gallery as sustainable and efficient as possible. Together with our plans for heat recovery and natural ventilation in the new building, we are exploring a whole range of approaches to reducing energy use.”

Judith Nesbitt, Former Director of National & International Programmes, Tate

Supporting Sustainability Initiatives

The solar system supported by Solarcentury contributes towards Tate’s wider sustainability agenda. Tate declared a climate and ecological emergency in July 2019, recognising the unique role art and art museums can play in creating fundamental societal change. In 2020, Tate was awarded the Julie’s Bicycle Pioneer Award which recognises exceptional innovation on sustainability. As an institution, Tate is committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2023 from the baseline year of 2007/8 and to reducing emissions to net zero by 2030. We pledge to continually examine our systems, values and programmes to find ways to become more adaptive, more responsible and greener, using the framework of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are determined to inspire environmental change, amplify the voices of our artists and audiences, and make our long-term commitments ambitious and effective. Find out more about our ongoing work to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment.

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