Robert Bevan, ‘Horse Sale at the Barbican’ 1912
Robert Bevan
Horse Sale at the Barbican 1912

As a public body, Tate has a duty to use its money in the right way and stick to the law and best practice.

This page will provide current and new suppliers with information on how to be paid and paid quickly by Tate, the conduct we expect, our typical contracts and a brief explainer on how we buy goods, works and services.

Tate will only accept invoices that are presented in a certain format. In order for your invoice to be paid quickly, please present it according to these instructions set out by HMRC.

Tate Gallery, Tate Enterprises Ltd T/A TATE BUSINESS and Tate Foundation suppliers

Please send your invoices to

  • Tate Gallery invoices must be addressed to “The Board of Trustees of the Tate Gallery”.
  • Tate Foundation invoices must be addressed to “Tate Foundation”.
  • Corporate Events invoices must be addressed to “Tate Enterprises Ltd T/A Tate Business”.

Any queries should be directed to

Tate Enterprises T/A Tate Commerce suppliers

Please send your invoices to

Tate Enterprises T/A Tate Eats suppliers

Please send your invoices to

As part of Tate’s commitment to supporting its audiences, colleagues, and communities, we have produced a Supplier Code of Conduct.

This code explains the behaviours we expect our suppliers to stick to when doing business with us. The code is built on well-known values and is designed to ‘start the conversation’ between Tate and its suppliers.

Code of conduct PDF [378.85 Kb]

We have provided copies of our standard terms that suppliers will accept when they do business with us.

In some cases, you may have your own specific contract (particularly where Tate has gone out to tender or quote) so always check with your Tate contact if you are unsure.

Terms and conditions PDF [459.08 Kb]

Terms and conditions: freelancers PDF [462.79 Kb]

Tate is required to follow the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 when buying goods, works and services, and is subject to the Central Government procurement thresholds.

Put simply this means for contracts over these values we must openly tender these in line with UK law. Tate also regularly advertises opportunities of a lesser value too.

Tate uses the ‘Delta’ system to manage its tenders and we welcome suppliers to sign up to this portal so you can have notification of new opportunities from Tate.

Please also sign up to Contracts Finder which is a UK government website set up specifically to advertise contracts.