The Millbank Foyer at Tate Britain 2013

The Millbank Foyer
© Hélène Bine

Photograph of the Grand Saloon Tate Britain

The Grand Saloon
© Hélène Binet


The main reception for Tate Britain has been moved from the Rotunda back into the Foyer, which was originally designed for this use. The stone walls, columns and the mosaic floor have been cleaned and repaired and new furniture accommodates the visitor assistants and new signage. The Millbank steps have been fully refurbished and the main entrance doors replaced with more generous bronze doors and over-panels.

Grand Saloon

The space above the entrance foyer was originally designed as a single room and was used to display recent acquisitions. After a major flood in 1928, the room was divided into three to provide staff accommodation above flood level. We have sensitively restored this room, revealing its elaborate fibrous plaster ceiling and opening up views over the river, to allow it to be used for a range of educational and public activities.