Residents Day, 2009

Local residents had the chance to give their feedback on the new spaces and explore how Tate Modern is changing. Talkaoke led by artist collective The People Speak was a think tank for local residents to discuss what best to be placed in Tate’s new oil tanks space. Suggestions ranged from an underground swimming pool, a climbable art installation and a theme park. 

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Community projects - Residents Day, 2009

The People Speak also gave an Unlecture, empowering the audience to participate more than a conventional lecture. An art magician came to perform mind-bending tricks over lunch time and visitors used recycled materials to construct a version of London, inspired by the views from the Level 7 East Room.

Residents Day also included site visits to the as yet un-opened Oil Tanks, Futurist portrait making, and special performances by contemporary dance company The Cholmondeleys.