Tate Modern Project: Community project: Tate Local Writes Summer 2012

Tate Local Writes community event at Tate Modern 2012

© Tommo Photography

As part of Tate Local we have invited a range of different writers to respond to the Tate Modern project and the artwork ‘Skirt of the Black Mouth’ on the southern landscape created with artists Heather and Ivan Morison. This has ranged from Inua Ellams writing peoms inspired by conversations with some of the building site workers to Gemma Seltzer who had a series of conversations with local residents and passersby as part of her ‘Speak to Strangers’ series or Sarah Butler talking to local workers about invisible work, the Bankside Urban Forest and the building site at Tate Modern.

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10 Oct 2012, 11 Oct 2012
The poet Inua Ellams performs three poems inspired by the building project at Tate Modern

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