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AfriCOBRA was a Chicago-based group of black artists whose shared aim was to develop their own aesthetic in the visual arts in order to empower black communities


Wadsworth Jarrell Revolutionary 1972. Courtesy Lusenhop Fine Art © Wadsworth Jarrell

The African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists (AfriCOBRA) was founded in 1968 by Jeff Donaldson, Barbara Jones-Hogu, Wadsworth Jarrell and Gerald Williams.

Rather than bringing about change through political revolt, these artists used the black identity, its style, attitude and worldview to foster solidarity and self-confidence throughout the African diaspora. It was a revolution of the mind, body and spirit and the art reflected this.

An example of AfriCOBRA art is Jae Jarrell’s Revolutionary Suit 1970 in which the artist is photographed wearing a two-piece matching outfit with an ammunition belt sewn into the jacket.

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