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A Future I Can Love

How can art and creativity inspire a future you can love?

Since 2017, Novus has been collaborating with Tate Liverpool and Tate Exchange on a programme that uses art as a medium to support positive change and rehabilitation for learners in prisons throughout the UK. A Future I Can Love is an arts programme that asks offenders to imagine a hopeful life beyond prison by engaging in art.

The below animation film features testimonies from learners who are taking part in the programme. It uses the voices of actors to retain anonymity. We also share some of the artworks that have been created in imagining a better future.

Art by learners in the programme

About Novus

Novus delivers education, rehabilitation support and employment opportunity to 60,000 adults and young people in custody and the community across England and Wales. They work in partnership with national and local government, charities, employers and local stakeholders to create the foundations for change for individuals and our communities.

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