Victor Pasmore, ‘Square Motif, Blue and Gold: The Eclipse’ 1950
Victor Pasmore
Square Motif, Blue and Gold: The Eclipse 1950
© Tate
Kenneth Martin, ‘Small Screw Mobile’ 1953
Kenneth Martin
Small Screw Mobile 1953
© The estate of Kenneth Martin
Anthony Hill, ‘Orthogonal / Diagonal Composition’ 1954
Anthony Hill
Orthogonal / Diagonal Composition 1954
© Anthony Hill

Victor Pasmore, Kenneth Martin, Mary Martin and Anthony Hill are the key figures associated with the movement. They were inspired by the theories of the American artist Charles Biederman and explored the legacy of the ‘constructive art’ made in the 1930s by Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth and Naum Gabo, whose contribution to the Russian constructivism was exemplary.

Anthony Hill insisted on using the term constructionism for the British phenomenon, but constructivism is more commonly used.