Tracey Emin, ‘My Bed’ 1998
Tracey Emin
My Bed 1998
Lent by The Duerckheim Collection 2015
© Tracey Emin

In the late 1980s British art entered what was quickly recognised as a new and excitingly distinctive phase, the era of what became known as the YBAs – the Young British Artists. Join journalist and broadcaster Grace Dent as she takes a look at how a shop, a house and a fete were at the centre of this art scene.

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Grace Dent

Grace Dent is a columnist, author, and broadcaster. She has two weekly columns in the Independent and a weekly column Grace & Flavour in the London Evening Standard.

Grace has fronted documentaries for Sky Atlantic, Channel 4 and W. She has also written eleven novels for teenagers, as well as non-fiction titles How To Leave Twitter (My Time as Queen of the Universe and Why This Must Stop).

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