Angus Fairhurst: Art and Humor

Remembering the humouristic art of Angus Fairhurst

Angus Fairhurst, who passed way in 2008, created art that was funny, quietly complex, and which eschewed a ‘signature style’. A new exhibition at the Arnolfini in Bristol gives the public the chance to see a huge range of work together for the first time, including pieces that show off his renowned sense of humour.

One of those, Gallery Connections 1991–6 which is in the Tate collection, involved him simultaneously calling two London galleries before putting the phones together and recording the confusion that ensued.

For this film, we asked a number of people who knew Angus, including artists Gavin Turk and Mat Collishaw, to tell us their memories of him. We also speak to his gallerist Sadie Coles, who was on the receiving end of his prank calls…

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