Look Closer

Donald Rodney: A Practice Unfolding

See how Donald Rodney explores race and representation in his sketchbook collection

Examining his complete collection of sketchbooks in Tate Archive, this film delves deeper into the life and art of Donald Rodney. His partner Diane Symons, and a close friend and fellow artist Keith Piper offer unique insight reflecting Rodney's personal concerns and the politics of race and representation in Britain between 1982–1998.

Donald Gladstone Rodney (18 May 1961 – 4 March 1998) was a British artist. He was a leading figure in Britain's BLK Art Group of the 1980s and became recognised as 'one of the most innovative and versatile artists of his generation'. Rodney's work appropriated images from the mass media, art and popular culture to explore issues of racial identity and racism.

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