American artist Lynda Benglis is best known for her wax paintings, poured latex sculptures and for posing naked with a giant dildo in Art Forum magazine to advertise a show.

Benglis looks back over her long career in this interview with TateShots.

The work is about Nature and mankind is Nature, but it is also about feelings. I started with wax painting because I felt that painting was all about surface and form, so the idea of a linear form creating a gesture was with me.

The art in general that was happening at the time was minimalism and pop art, so I think I was reacting to the material qualities of the pop artist and reacting also to the ides of a minimalist, because I was not interested in taking art to a final conclusion, a minimal conclusion, it was more a kind of closed deductive reaction as to what art might be, and I felt I wanted art to be much more excessive and it was about more, not less. I’ve made a whole series of these linear forms first in plaster and sparkles and then later the metal and the metalising.

I’m not depicting something I’m making a feeling or I’m making a form, and the edges often create a kind of reading, the way we read into clouds or tree forms or landscape forms. I think form and texture create the mood and the magic of the work.