Phillip King was a former student of Anthony Caro before working as an assistant to Henry Moore. He is a leading figure in twentieth Century British sculpture and is recognised for his experimentation with abstraction, construction, material and colour.

As he turned 80 Phillip King continued to produce new work. This film captures the artist building and fashioning a new piece Recoil 2014 in his studio.

It’s got a real dynamism; it’s what I call it Recoil. It, kind of, has things going one way and things going the other way, push and pull – the, kind of, release from gravity, as it were. And how to cope with gravity, and play with it, and go with it, and go against it, and so on. So it’s all about that.

Tate Britain marked the 80th birthday of the artist with a display of six of King’s works from the 1960s in the Duveen Galleries. The display celebrated King’s significant contribution to late 20th century sculpture.