Augustus Leopold Egg

Scene from ‘The Devil upon Two Sticks’

1844, exhibited 1844

Not on display

Augustus Leopold Egg 1816–1863
Oil paint on canvas
Support: 864 × 1118 mm
Presented by Robert Vernon 1847

Display caption

'The Devil upon Two Sticks', or 'Le Diable Boiteaux' is a satire, set in Madrid, on the follies and vices of mankind. It was written by the French comic writer A.R. Le Sage and was published in 1707. Egg illustrates a story which deals with the weakness and gullibility of men. Patricio, seated on the left, has spent the day chasing two women of the town in the hope of seducing one of them, Luisita - shown here standing up. After an expensive meal - Patricio is studying the bill - the girls give their lustful admirer the slip. He returns home, 'ashamed of being fooled by a couple of jilting baggages', to his wife.

Gallery label, March 1993

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