Stanislav Kolíbal



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Stanislav Kolíbal born 1925
Plaster, string, iron rod, nails, oil paint and crayon on wood
Object: 1460 × 1595 × 250 mm
Presented by Illa Kodicek 1983

Catalogue entry

T03806 Identity 1982

Plaster, string, iron rod, nails, oil and crayon on wood 57 1/2 × 62 3/4 × 10 (1460 × 1595 × 250)
Inscribed ‘Kolíbal’ on back of panel
Presented by Illa Kodicek 1983
Prov: Purchased by the donor from the artist through Riverside Studios 1983
Exh: Stanislav Kolíbal, Studio Carlo Grosetti, Milan, March–April 1983 (not numbered, repr. as ‘Differenza e Breve Accordo’ 1982); Adriena Šimotavá and Stanislav Kolíbal, Riverside Studios, October–November 1983 (works not numbered)

The artist said on 12 October 1984 that he would prefer his work to be called ‘Identity’ rather than ‘Difference and Brief Accord’, which is the title under which it was first exhibited in Milan. He finds it very difficult to choose the right title and only rarely finds words which express exactly what he has in mind. The title is not just for identification.

The recurrent theme of all his work, he said, is fascination with the paradox of something that is related and not related. For example in this particular work, if you stand in a certain position but in that position only, the line formed by the string at the top right corresponds with the line in the painted image. This momentary relationship is firm yet fragile, unstable, and he sees it as an existential symbol for life situations. When making this work he also had an image of two cubes partly in mind and one could even call it ‘Two Cubes’ except that this would be an over-simplification and miss the point.

As is his usual practice, he made several very small sketchy preparatory drawings for this work, but in the end the finished work was different from the sketches.

Although this work was listed in the catalogue of his exhibition at the Padiglione d'Arte Contemporanea in Milan in 1983, it was not actually shown there but in a parallel exhibition at Studio Carlo Grossetti, Milan.

Published in:
The Tate Gallery 1982-84: Illustrated Catalogue of Acquisitions, London 1986

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