Anton Mauve

Milking Time


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Anton Mauve 1838–1888
Oil paint on canvas
Support: 298 × 502 mm
Bequeathed by Mrs Mary James Mathews in memory of her husband Frank Claughton Mathews 1944

Catalogue entry

Anton Mauve 1838-1888

N05569 Milking Time c.1871

Inscribed 'A. Mauve' b.r.
Oil on canvas, 11 3/4 x 19 3/4 (29.8 x 50); these measurements do not include two narrow strips of cardboard added at the two sides to make the width a better fit for the frame, and apparently painted by someone other than the artist
Bequeathed by Mary James Mathews in memory of her husband Frank Claughton Mathews 1944
Prov: [?possibly '2 Vaches' bought by Goupil, The Hague, from the artist 2 May 1871, and sold on 12 May 1871 to H. Wallis, London]; Frank Claughton Mathews, Brockenhurst, c.1912; Mrs Mary James Mathews, Brockenhurst
Exh: Selected Works by James Mans, Anton Mauve, H. Fantin-Latour, French Gallery, London, April-July 1910 (56) as 'Milking Time'
Repr: Studio, XLII, 1907, p.10 as 'Milking Time'

This picture was reproduced in The Studio in 1907 as 'Milking Time' and was one of two pictures of this title exhibited at the French Gallery in 1910. Paintings by Mauve called 'Milking Time' were included in various London exhibitions from 1870 onwards, e.g. 17th Annual Exhibition, French Gallery, 1870 (111); The Dutch and French Romanticists, Dowdeswell Galleries, April-May 1889 (138); Messrs William Marchant & Co's Inaugural Exhibition, Goupil Gallery, 1901 (44); Spring Exhibition, Goupil Gallery, 1904 (40).

There was formerly an old label of a Dutch or German type on the stretcher with the printed number 1371, the last digit being on a separate piece of paper stuck alongside the main label. Item 5371 in the record books of the Goupil Gallery at The Hague was a painting by Mauve called '2 Vaches' (Two Cows), which was bought from the artist on 2 May 1871 and sold on 12 May 1871 to H. Wallis of the French Gallery, London. As whoever stuck on the label appears to have been short of labels at the time and had to improvise, it seems possible that this was the painting referred to, though no label of this type has been traced on any other paintings that passed through the Goupil Gallery at The Hague.

According to the artist's grand-daughter, Mrs E. von Brunner (letter of 20 October 1953), this is a scene on the dunes near The Hague painted after 1870, in all probability after his marriage in 1875.

Published in:
Ronald Alley, Catalogue of the Tate Gallery's Collection of Modern Art other than Works by British Artists, Tate Gallery and Sotheby Parke-Bernet, London 1981, pp.504-5, reproduced p.504

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