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Meilyr Jones brings Carnation, Lily, Lily Rose to life

Watch a specially composed musical performance inspired by John Singer Sargert's painting

In 2017 Jones debuted a new piece of music inspired by and performed in front of John Singer Sargent’s painting Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose 1885–6.

elsh musician Meilyr Jones is known for his critically acclaimed debut album 2013 as well as live performances at Glastonbury, Latitude, Green Man and End of the Road.

Jones first noticed the painting as a postcard in his sister-in-law's home, commenting that ‘the more I have seen it, the more I love it’. This is the first time Jones has composed a piece of contemporary classical music, and he worked closely with collaborator Joseph Davies who also worked on the album 2013.

The piece is performed by a group of twelve musicians conducted by Davies, including clarinet and harp.

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