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Celebrity, Social Media and Overexposure

Hear a personal perspective on Andy Warhol's work Marilyn Diptych

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Warhol Marilyn Diptych

Andy Warhol

A new look at the extraordinary life and work of the pop art superstar

Tate Modern
12 Mar – 15 Nov 2020

What’s the connection between social media and Pop Art? Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych, 1962, explores celebrity, death and exposure. Watch Tate Collective Producer Josh present his perspective on this iconic artwork, then discover more about the painting in our collection pages.

Marilyn Diptych is on display at Tate Modern in the exhibition Andy Warhol, 12 March – 6 September 2020.

Our Tate Collective Producers are a team of 15-25 year olds based in London, Liverpool and St Ives who program and run lots of the free events, workshops and talks on offer to Tate Collective.

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