In Focus


We are grateful to Christopher Townsend for his development of this In Focus, and to Alexandra Bickley Trott and Rhys Davies for their valuable contributions to the project.

The authors would like to thank Nigel Llewellyn, former Head of Research at Tate, for kick-starting this project with Tate; Lisa LeFeuvre and Jon Wood of the Henry Moore Institute for awarding Chris Townsend the Senior Research Fellowship that began this research back in summer 2012; Darren Clarke, senior curator at Charleston House; Simon Watney for loans and productive discussions at the start of the project; Emily Down at the Tate Archive for access to the Henrietta Garnett bequest during cataloguing; James Blakemore-Hoy at Cogprops for all his help with construction work and design; Hannah Knox for the reproduction of the Scroll in domestic scale on paper; Simon Manderino for exterior case artwork; Ann Martin at the University of Saskatchewan for facilitating a panel on the Scroll at the Virginia Woolf Society Conference, University of Reading, 2017; Sarah Peacock, Production Designer, and Helen Adams, Art Director, from the tech team at Royal Holloway Media Arts, for making possible a fantastic set for the film of the Scroll on a budget of nothing, and for setting up the studio shoot; Renos Gavris for directing the film and Amanda Murphy for producing it; and our great team of volunteers – Steph Matei, Lara Crockhart, Emily Kelly, Shona Kinal, Ayten Abbasli and Lauren Wilson.

Christopher Townsend, Professor, Department of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London
Alexandra Bickley Trott, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Theory and Programme Lead for Art and Design, Oxford Brookes University
Rhys Davies, Senior Lecturer, Department of Media Arts, Royal Holloway, University of London

Series editor: Christopher Griffin, Convenor, Research Programmes and Publications, Tate
Project editor: Celia White, Senior Research Editor, Tate
Digital editor: Susannah Worth, Digital Editor, Research, Tate
Picture researcher: Arthur Goodwin, Assistant Research Editor, Tate