In Focus

From the Freud Museum 1991–6 by Susan Hiller

Psychoanalytic ideas, ethnographic display and the artist’s free associations between physical remains, personal memories and historical events shape this in-depth new study of Susan Hiller’s From the Freud Museum.

Susan Hiller, From the Freud Museum 1991–6

Susan Hiller
From the Freud Museum 1991–6
Glass, 50 cardboard boxes, paper, video, slide, light bulbs and other materials
Displayed: 2200 x 10000 x 600 mm
Tate T07438
© Susan Hiller
Photo © Tate

From the Freud Museum is an installation of fifty labelled archival boxes containing small objects, images and text, displayed in vitrines with their lids open and accompanied by a looped video. Originally commissioned for the Freud Museum in London and shown there in 1994 as At the Freud Museum, the work was purchased by Tate in 1998 and counts the book After the Freud Museum (1995/2000) among its manifestations.

This In Focus project offers the most comprehensive analysis of From the Freud Museum to date, locating it within Hiller’s oeuvre and its critical reception. It explores the work’s evocation of the archive and of the occult, and examines Sigmund Freud and Susan Hiller as collectors of significant fragments.

Published in February 2017, the project is authored by Dr Alexandra Kokoli (Middlesex University London) and includes a contribution from Dr Joanne Morra (Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London).

ISBN 978-1-84976-532-9