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Tate Papers no.8 Autumn 2007

The Autumn 2007 issue of Tate Papers, edited with the assistance of Bryony Bery, is given over to the papers produced for the Inherent Vice: The Replica and its Implications in Modern Sculpture Workshop, held at Tate Modern on 18–19 October 2007 and supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

A significant purpose of gathering together different viewpoints and professions from around the world was to air the multi-disciplinary debate concerning decay and replication in relation to sculpture of the last hundred years, and to seek a deeper understanding of the, often difficult, problems that arise for the artists, their heirs and the collections that are custodians of their work. Therefore, we are pleased to publish here, with only limited changes and omissions, not only a range of short papers that were made available to participants prior to the workshop, but also a section of 'Afterthoughts', expressing the reflections of participants after the workshop.

We see these short papers as a beginning of an international and multi-disciplinary discussion that we hope will lead to a fuller airing of the issues in future workshops, conferences and publications.
Matthew Gale

Anthony McCall, ‘Line Describing a Cone’ 1973
Anthony McCall
Line Describing a Cone 1973
© Anthony McCall, courtesy Sean Kelly Gallery, New York

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