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Tate Collective x Coffee Open Call 2024

This year, we invited Tate Collective to design the packaging for Coffee by Tate’s latest range of specialty coffees. Founded in 2011, Coffee by Tate specialises in sourcing and roasting specialty coffee for Tate 's cafés, bars, and restaurants. The winning designs represent Coffee by Tate's core values of wellbeing, fairness and gender equality, now featured on each special coffee blend. The winners received a £1,000 usage fee for the use of their works on Coffee by Tate's packaging.

The Results

From over 300 submissions, 4 works were chosen as the final selections by a panel of judges. The panel included, Youtuber and Entrepreneur James Hoffmann, Joe Sompon Choosong and Ghilyon Welby-Watson from Coffee by Tate, plus Chiara Squillace and Francisca Roseiro from Tate's Design team. 


'I designed a vibrant and dynamic illustration, full of movement and warmth to evoke a sense of welcome and positive wellbeing. Depicting three interconnected women holding hands and harvesting coffee together, my design embodies unity and fairness, celebrating gender equality in alignment with Tate's core values. The lively green colours have a strong presence in this palette; they symbolise quality farming and sustainability, while the balanced composition reflects fairness. The flourishing coffee plants, glowing sun, and unified women create a sense of growing positive wellbeing, quality relationships, and thoughtful harvesting. Through themes of togetherness, support, and family, my artwork captures wellbeing, harmony, and a thriving community.'

Jade Kelly

'My illustration depicts a small community of women coffee farmers collecting coffee cherries together. The women are placed closely together in the image, representing a sense of unity and care for one another. The rows of farmers indicate a matriarchy and a passing down of knowledge through generations. This sense of sharing is reiterated in the repeated gestures we see in the image. A feeling of balance in the composition and in the colour hones in a sense of fairness and equality, with the fragmented nature of the composition drawing inspiration from the history of cubist art in South America.'

Riya Mamtora

'My illustration depicts a mother and daughter passing through a coffee plantation side by side as they take in the beauty of the landscape. As they enter the familiar valley and share their knowledge of growing coffee, it’s clear that this exchange will carry on for years and generations to come.'

Brynn Hansen

'In the video 'The Story Of Coffee By Tate,' the line that resonated most with me was, 'Yolanda believes the synergy of the coffee to its nature-filled environment is key to producing the tastiest coffee.' I aimed to reflect this relationship between coffee and its natural environment, as well as the people who make it possible. The juxtaposition of geometrical and organic forms mirrors the meticulous craftsmanship of Tate's coffee-making process, highlighting its dedication to quality and fairness, while also emphasizing the environment's organic nature that adds value to the product. The illustration features women to symbolize the knowledge flowing through generations, especially matriarchs, underscoring Tate's commitment to gender equality and the recognition of women's roles in the coffee industry. This illustration serves as a visual narrative, celebrating not only the artistry behind Tate's coffee but also the interconnectedness of people and nature, echoing the brand's ethos of sustainability and respect.'

Gitika Joshi

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