In the Gallery

We Are The Future

Watch some of our collaborators past and present reflect on what art means to them

We brought some past Tate Collective collaborators back to our galleries, and invited them to bring someone they think is one to watch in their creative field. With our Tate Collective Producers, we think these people represents the future of art and creativity.

  • Loyle Carner x Barney Artist

    We asked four Tate Collective collaborators to introduce us to an emerging artist they admire

  • Joey Yu x noiamreiss

    Hear Tate Collective Producer and collaborator Joey Yu introduce us to emerging illustrator noiamreiss

  • BBZ x Abondance Matanda

    Hear BBZ, a collective for queer people of colour, in discussion with the up and comer they most admire

  • Hannah Hill x Kate Rolison

    Meet Hannah Hill and up and coming embroidery artist Kate Rolison as they chat about art and mental health

Meet the cast

Film stills from We Are The Future, portraits by Rosie Matheson and Munroe Bergdorf by Luke Nugent.

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