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Start Display

Natalie Bell Building Level 2
Henri Matisse, ‘The Snail’ 1953
Henri Matisse, The Snail 1953. Tate. © Succession Henri Matisse/DACS 2019

This display introduces you to some of the best-loved artworks in the Tate collection

Linked by a focus on colour, these rooms highlight artworks from a range of countries, cultures and times.

Here are some ideas you can use in the Start display and the rest of the gallery. We want your visit to be as enjoyable as possible. Don’t feel you have to see everything in one day. Tate’s displays are always free to visit.

You don’t have to like all the art. You might see artworks that make you question what art is. It could help if you look closely and think about:

  • What is your first reaction to the work? Why does it make you feel or think like that?
  • What is it made of? Why has the artist chosen those materials?
  • Does the size of the work affect your experience of it?
  • Where is the artist from and when did they live? How has this influenced them?
  • What do you think the work is about?
  • This display includes many different types of art, from painting and photography to a sculpture using light. What types of art can you see in the rest of Tate Modern?

Curated by Ann Coxon with Tate Learning.

Please note: Olafur Eliasson's Yellow versus Purple 2003 is currently not on display.

We encourage young people to explore art and idea to take ownership of the gallery.

Let us know what you think #TateStart.


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