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Another London

Henri Cartier-Bresson Waiting in Trafalgar Square for the coronation parade of King George VI 1937 CORE

King's Cross London 1941 Wolfgang Suschitzky Another London CORE

London 1966 Milon Novotny

Wolfgang Suschitzky Lyons Corner House Tottenham Court Road, London 1934

Karen Knorr and Olivier Richon Roxy 4 from the Punk series 1976 CORE

Al Vandenberg Untitled 1975

Dorothy Bohm Petticoat Lane Market, East End, London 1960s CORE

Martine Franck Parliament Square: Princess Anne's wedding - waiting for her to pass by 1973 CORE

Whilst the eyes of the world are on London this summer, Tate Britain explores the capital city through the eyes of some of the biggest names in international photography.

In the years between 1930 and 1980, some of the best-known photographers from around the world came to London to make work about the city and its communities. Bringing together 180 classic twentieth-century photographs, Another London highlights the vibrancy of the city as a dynamic metropolis, richly diverse and full of contrast.

For these artists London was a foreign city, which they either visited briefly or settled in permanently, and they recorded and represented it in their own unique style and distinctive ways. Emblems of Britishness which might have been familiar to visitors such as pearly kings, red buses and bowler hats are documented alongside the urban poor surviving life in the city as pavement artists, beggars and buskers.

Challenge your own perspective with this rare opportunity to see striking images from renowned photographers including Bill Brandt, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, Dora Maar, Irving Penn and many more. 

The works in Another London are selected from a unique collection of 1,400 photographs, The Eric and Louise Franck London Collection. It was brought together over twenty years and has been generously promised as a donation to Tate. 

TateShots: Dorothy Bohm

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TateShots: Dorothy Bohm

TateShots: Bruce Davidson

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TateShots: Bruce Davidson's London

TateShots: Elliott Erwitt

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TateShots: Elliott Erwitt

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27 July – 18 September 2012

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