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Cerith Wyn Evans Forms in Space... by Light (in Time) 2016, Courtesy the artist and White Cube, © Cerith Wyn Evans, Photo: © Tate (Joe Humphrys)​

Listen to live music composed by John Cage and others, performed in response to Cerith Wyn Evans's Forms in Space…and Time

Within the space of Cerith Wyn Evans’s Duveen gallery light sculpture, the internationally recognised pianist Mark Knoop has devised a programme of musical events.

The choices are the result of a collaboration with the artist, who will be on hand to discuss his relationship to music and its compositional structures.

The free afternoon performance features Refrain by Karlheinz Stockhausen, in which sparkling percussive sounds are blended in a ritualised performance. Enno Poppe’s Rad creates swirling textures at dizzying velocity using two microtonally tuned electric keyboards.

In the evening an informal ticketed event treats both music and sculpture as an installation that invites the public to browse and walk around.

Knoop and Philip Thomas will play John Cage’s Two². This large scale work for two grand pianos fills the gallery with unexpected resonances, inhabiting the unique acoustic of the long Duveen gallery. Its internal structure is based on the rhythm of Japanese Renga verse.


Karlheinz Stockhausen Refrain for three players (1959)
Enno Poppe Rad for 2 electric keyboards (2003)
Introduced by Cerith Wyn Evans and the musicians
Free event

John Cage Two 2 for two grand pianos (1989)
Mark Knoop (piano) with Philip Thomas (piano) Gwenaelle Rouger (keyboards) and Serge Vuille (percussion)
Ticketed performance

John Cage, score of Two 2 1989

John Cage, score of Two 2 1989, used with kind permission of C.F. Peters, New York

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23 June 2017 at 15.30–19.30