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William Hogarth

William Hogarth, ‘Heads of Six of Hogarth’s Servants’ c.1750–5
William Hogarth, Heads of Six of Hogarth’s Servants c.1750–5. Tate
William Hogarth, ‘A Scene from ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ VI’ 1731
William Hogarth
A Scene from ‘The Beggar’s Opera’ VI 1731

Hogarth is not only the first great native English easel-painter; his pictures epitomize perhaps more than any other the British character. We may possibly have lost some of the robustness and assurance of this typical eighteenth-century Englishman, but we can still find in him a reflection of many of our own tastes and prejudices.

Hogarth’s genius gives us a wider insight into the life and manners of eighteenth-century England than any other painter of the period.

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29 June – 29 July 1951

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